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Industry news

In the face of woodworking CNC lathe so many kinds of the how to choose?

The release date:2015-02-04  Browse the number:2017

Some of the less understanding of CNC woodworking lathe boss, up blind inquiry, for the vast Internet, also hard to avoid misinformation, bewitched by some poor quality low-priced products. For example: I have a CNC lathe a customer to buy a high double knife multifunction complete high-end solid wood staircase column pre processing, all aspects of a chat very well, when it comes to woodworking lathe price froze, because the customer himself heard as long as thirty thousand or forty thousand yuan to buy the CNC woodworking lathe lathe development of multi function. The scene is also expected for many sales staff want to cry but no tears. For some contact CNC woodworking machinery little boss, at the asking price before we suggest you wood processing the boss to do the following 3 aspects of the preparation:

1, to consider the equipment can meet the processing requirements of their own.

The purchase of CNC lathe is mainly used for processing the what, the main processing wood. With a car, you are going to do is to pull pull goods, to tell their own requirements. According to your demand to determine needs what kind of type, is a simple turning or complete the complex process slot, twist, thread, carve? Formal manufacturers will recommend equipment according to your products.

2, accounting

All wood products processing the boss to know current woodturning way points: hand knife processing (artificial processing); copying lathe; back knife lathe; and the current market the highest efficiency of CNC woodworking lathe. Performance comparison and analysis of various woodworking lathe, CNC lathe is obviously one of the most suitable for the wood products processing equipment is a high performance price ratio, simple operation, high efficiency, the low cost.

3, determine the purchase manufacturers

The current market dragons and fishes jumbled together many equipment manufacturers in order to sell more devices started price war, attract users from the price, but no considering the situation of the users, not to help the user to solve practical problems in production, they in order to reduce the cost of using inexpensive equipment parts assembly, the use of low-end parts consequences: problems often arise, delay day job loss is large, many bosses regret said: "vulnerable".

There is only three, five individuals of the paper company, not the specialized technology, there is no strict production quality control, no after-sales service team. Purchasing such equipment consequences: system program chaos, machining deviation, increase the error of machine tool overall life is very short. If you are processing is high-grade wood, every bad a piece of wood, in gnaw at your cost. Bosses with your astute calculation, at the time of purchase price of the so-called excellent equipment, which is suitable?

Some even have no registered company, but the hire of plant related machinery company under the name of the company production and sales people, ask the boss, such products do you dare to buy? Buy this product manufacturers is more terrible consequences, because such production goal is to sell a is a, a penny earned a point, not to mention the product quality, after sale service! The day closed closed said undocumented "enterprise" you is to pay attention to his product or price or service?

This kind of price is very has the advantage, also confuse many users, and then to buy the equipment in the factory into a pile of scrap metal, unfortunately lost, let see headache in the factory!!

Cheap equipment maintenance coefficient is high, some users through the practice has proved that cheap equipment every week average maintenance 2-5. There are a lot of the user to purchase the equipment without manual production, when the equipment problems down for a day, what is your loss?

All the smart boss has the purpose of purchase, with analysis of similar products, and the case of production and processing of various unfair, I would like to be able to help you understand how to choose CNC woodworking lathe.

Binzhou city COSEN CNC equipment limited company of science and technology in the tips: please don't go for looks similar to the boss when purchasing equipment, that is the same as a taste of the products. We must find a regular factory buy. No business is not the pursuit of profit, low-priced products profits come from?