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CNC woodworking lathe embarrassing lack of talent

The release date:2015-02-04  Browse the number:2368

In this exhibition, when booth business personnel in looking forward to their customers, but reporters in Dalian Machine Tool Group booths, see a young man and an old man to machine tool industry grey-haired talent shortage problem a heated discussion. The young man was Zhang, old man is Chinese machine tool industry association senior engineer, former senior adviser to Chen Xunjie.

"China's machine tool industry is meeting today this situation, a very important reason is the lack of talents." As the older machine experts, Chen Xun dielectric anxiously says to the reporter, the domestic machine tool industry high-end technical talents, younger than him a lot, but younger is very rare. Machine tool industry appeared dating in the personnel.

Zhang Chengye thinks, technical personnel in our country a large number of high-end machine field loss, the key is to use what to attract talent problem. Domestic machine tool companies can't give high-tech talent to provide a good environment.

The reporter notices, and other equipment manufacturing industry, the current CNC machine tool industry in our country is in the period of strategic opportunities. Traditional industries, such as automobile technical innovation, machinery, home appliances, textile, machinery, environmental protection and other industries, demand for CNC machine tools continue to rise; the development of electronic information, biological engineering, new energy and new materials and other high-tech industries has opened up a new market demand for precise, efficient, dedicated CNC machine and.

On the other hand, the industry in the eastern part of our country the old industrial base of Northeast revitalization and upgrading, such as western development pace accelerate, offers huge potential domestic market for NC machine tool industry development; the international financial crisis, the international capital and industry shift, to Chinese international technology and personnel exchanges, and provides the external environment for the development of CNC machine tool industry in china.

Data shows, 10 years ago, domestic CNC machine tool output is only around 20000, and now has reached an annual output of about 200000; domestic CNC rate by the "fifteen" at the end of the 35.5%, raised to the "eleven five" at the end of the 51.9%. However, these data cannot reflect the many deep-seated contradictions at present, facing the development of machine tool industry.

"Big but not strong, wide and not fine is a common problem of domestic CNC machine tools, machine tool industry needs high-end focus at present still need to rely on imports." Qigihar two machine tool chief engineer Cheng Fenglan said.

Wuhan Heavy Duty Machine Tool Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the heavy machine tool) deputy chief engineer of the general engineer, Zhang Wenqiao also pointed out: "we take is the first big, do strong strategy. At present, machine functions are achieved, but accuracy is still far from enough."

"To some extent, the development of machine tool industry into a vicious circle." Hunan Jack CNC limited company chairman, Hunan University follow grinding institute director Hu Xi told reporters, the machine tool industry is equivalent to the manufacturing industry in the "agriculture", low profits and technical personnel treatment is low, low treatment leads to the lack of talents in machine tool industry, the lack of talents and the impact of product innovation, this is further restricted the profits of the enterprise space.

Personnel salary is not high

Jack machine is the second largest business Jack holding group, now in Zhejiang, Jiangxi and Hunan has 3 manufacturing factory, the factory in Hunan senior technician since joining the enterprise second years after basically can get more than 3000 yuan. Although there is also an annual salary of hundreds of thousands of engineers, but the company has strict control on the human cost, basically no more than 15% of the total cost.

Told reporters Hu Xi, the technical personnel loss, with the industry is not high wages actually has the very big relations. "Now even a samll can get 3000 dollars salary. A technician can get 3000 dollars, he would feel at a disadvantage."

Canada ICAM company is CNC machine tool industry renowned international companies. The company engineer Li Ronghua told this reporter introduced, with China ratio, the company for technical personnel treatment really is a big slice, although some machine tool enterprises Chinese has to raise the salaries of employees.

However, the domestic machine tool enterprises are still unable to meet the urgent desire of engineers. A very important reason for this is the one of domestic CNC machine tool can not sell a good price. The same types of products, the domestic price much cheaper than foreign enterprise products, that insiders do not look at the product parameters, only the price can be judged is domestic goods or imported goods.

On the other hand, the domestic enterprise management does not seem to be profoundly aware of the importance of high-end technical engineering staff.

Sales engineer to do

Zhang Cheng in Dalian machine tool engaged in technology research and development has been 5 years. However, from the beginning of this year, he started to run sales. Reporter noted that, at the CIMT2011 Expo, the behind many "sales manager" business card title followed three words -- engineer.

This phenomenon, Zhejiang TDG Machinery Technology Co., Ltd two sales department minister Zhang Yaning explained: "our country machine tool industry is market orientation is very prominent in the industry, only the needs of the market, machine tool enterprises to R & D and production, the market does not need must not have what companies will go to R & D and production."

Heavy machine tool is the domestic production of heavy, super heavy duty machine specifications are the largest, most all varieties of large-scale backbone enterprises. Deputy chief engineer of the company, the general engineer, Zhang Wenqiao said, from their machine tool manufacturers, domestic CNC system used too, but it ultimately depends on the user's choice, generally people don't use domestic CNC system. Shenyang machine tool party