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Common problem

Double lathe tool and biaxial lathes have what distinction?

The release date:2015-02-04  Browse the number:1663

1 double knife lathe center set can achieve dimension party within 10 cm, so these post processing speed faster, jitter, good smoothness. That paragraph lathe biaxial because two axis distance restraints between center sleeve size can do are 6 centimeters, while more than 6 cm had the set of available. So the processing speed is slow, the effect is not good.

2 twin cutter turning large column of wood adopts double cutter layering turning, two knives in the axial distance of 1 cm gap, always turning depth we are divided into according to the specified proportion, so greatly reduces the cutting intensity of each knife. To avoid the knife knife produces vibration. (because the knife is the most difficult to polish), and because two knives produced turning force of column in the column of two measuring, beating on this column has a large degree of reduction, increased car wood finish.

3 biaxial heightening turret and heightening the spindle box will be on the reduction of stability. Because the cutter, spindle box fulcrum below, turning point from the pivot farther stability is not good.

Centering material 4: center support double knife uses wood weight placed on the stand more natural state set center, and biaxial can only adopt the lateral support, hand holding state, then walking the effort is not as will make the center positioning column, center positioning will directly influence the processing effect.

5 because of the complex under biaxial feeding, positioning and other factors, the speed and the effect of the real, our experience is really as double knife fast (especially over the edge column side 6 cm above the off center set of processing speed of processing them though biaxial than we at least slow half). So a lot of using biaxial lathes customers we have seen for this reason to buy the actual only uniaxial biaxial. To achieve speed and real effect. Still want to personally look at the actual processing compare.