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CNC woodworking lathe knife skills?

The release date:2015-02-04  Browse the number:1524

1 knife is a very need patience, time, skills and even talent work even with fixed angle knife sharpener, also can solve the problem of fixed angle (the most difficult to master the technology in sharpening manipulation), but all the other requirements as cannot little, still need patience, time and correct method of operation, can grind the tool is sharp and durable. Whether to meet the need of grinding technology, is the best test of sharpener quality standards, rather than by simple or complex theory, fast knife sharpener is the most simple, but its essence is scraping instead of grinding, the effect is very poor, sharpness can be close to the rough grinding, and keep more poor. 2 the use of fixed angle knife sharpener, related knowledge still cannot do without grinding technology with fixed angle grinding knife sharpener, still belongs to the category of manual knife, not familiar with the grinding technology related knowledge, the purchase was not able to determine and compare the advantages and disadvantages of fixed angle knife sharpener, certainly can not use it. 3 blade angle should use and tool to adapt too small blade angle is not durable, easy to roll the mouth or collapsed, large blade angle is not sharp, large grinding difficulty. Slicing knife is generally 30 to 40 degrees, cutting knife is generally 40 to 50, and cut bone knife is generally 50 to 80 degrees. 4 over the sharp knife is not durable, so should not overdo sth. tool over the sharp, cutting edge radius is too small, the strength is insufficient, easy to curl blunt, so also master the simple edge passivation technology. Category two, sharpening tools and abrasives and abrasive material is extremely many, know also differ in thousands of ways, the following is only personal experience summary, deficiencies and defects, please enlighten. 1 Diamond files is mainly used for super hard tool sharpening, grab the knife. Should be timely cleaning production in the use of iron, so as not to scratch the body (near the inside edge line part); avoid file too, so as to avoid the serious gap in the blade; the intensity should not be too large, dipped in water use, can prolong the service life of Jin Gangcuo. Incorrect use diamond files the blade scratch and blade gap as shown below. How to grind was sharp and durable -- commonly used tool grinding theory and technology of 2 commonly used stone variety, should be based on the material and grinding task determine oilstone variety and size. Purchase stone, must choose qualified products. Either excellent or inferior oilstone, too soft, excellent self sharpening performance difference is not sharp, particles, easy injury caused by blade, blade surface scratch, blade gap, and grinding strange slow, too soft, fast consumption, Whetstone soon sag and cannot use. At the same time, not superstition of high-grade stone, this kind of stone professional, pertinence is very strong, the use of conditions are extremely harsh, high cost may not be able to get the best results. Common purposes, recommend the use of green carbon oilstone, its soft texture, strong cutting force, excellent self sharpening performance, is not easy to be blocked, soft and hard cutting tools are applicable, affordable, the disadvantage is consumption, easy to sag. Mainly used for rough grinding (180# ~ 320#), mill (600# ~ 800#), better quality can be grinding (1200# ~ 1500#). The use of the former should fully immersed, depression should be timely repair flat. 3 Ruby oilstone particle size about 3000#, can produce very high sharpness, blade veins fine, keep the good, but the operation of high technical requirements, the hand must be very stable, angle should be consistent, if you do this a few points, and no professional fixed angle knife sharpener, does not recommend the use of. Ruby oilstone surface and iron foreign body should be removed promptly, so as not to damage the edge or dull, available a small fine sandpaper dipped in water along the entire face evenly wipe several times, then rinse with water. According to how much amount of grinding, grinding may want to wash several times in the course of. Ruby oilstone of goods is very important, but also a large price gap. Ruby oilstone high-grade surface shall be smooth without porosity and particle size uniformity, ruby oilstone surface pores generally less and as small as possible, but also to surface smooth, because the price is affordable, recommended the use of. 4 grinding liquid knife, knife can only use special love rust oil, other tools recommended water, should be promptly dry grinding. In the water by adding a small amount of detergent (also available soap), enhanced oilstone adsorption capacity, are also more likely to stick a knife, can form dense water film on the blade, thereby reducing the tool cleanliness requirements. 5 leather and polishing wax used mainly leather, can also be used in place of cotton, is mainly used to sharpen a knife, thoroughly remove burrs, strengthen the edge, but also can be used for polishing. Abrasive abrasive, all in the grinding after the end should be timely cleaning, has sunken oilstone smoothing after the preservation, to facilitate the use of the next. Three, in the manner of a mobile tool knife, or mobile oilstone distinguish, sharpening methods can be divided into two categories. 1 an oilstone fixed mobile tool, this method is very common, can have a good feeling, but not directly see the blade surface and the stone surface contact situation, grinding slurry produced by the loss is not easy, is conducive to improve the quality of grinding. To bring the very big error stop grinding re adjusting the angle, the requirements of the operation in high technology. The 2 tool is fixed, mobile stone knife is fixedly placed on the table, polished by dragging stone way, this is also a very important way, the fixed angle sharpener, almost all of them are used in this way. This method used a file like fitter workpiece, can see the blade surface and the stone surface contact situation intuitively, each drag can see the grinding condition, but the grinding slurry produced by easily lost, and even the emergence of local dry grinding phenomenon, supporting measures make up. Method four, knife 1 grinding modus operandi is still the most important, include the following